Welcome to the Pierce County Fall Prevention Coalition!

Our Mission Is To Reduce Falls At Home, At Work, And In The Community Of Pierce County 

We Accomplish Our Goals Through Public Education, Advocacy, Networking, And Resource Education. We Are A Coalition Of Diverse Professionals With Backgrounds In Health And Fitness, And Providers Within Our Pierce County Community.

Aging Wisely: Fall Prevention

Presented by Falls Free and Pierce County Human Services


Aging Wisely: Fall Prevention is a special television program produced by the Pierce County Fall Prevention Coalition and sponsored by Pierce County Human Services about preventing falls in daily life.  Hosted by former KING TV anchor Dennis Bounds, the program introduces us to doctors and safety experts who have important tips to share. Plus, see a few exercises that can be done standing or sitting at home, or with an exercise class. The good news - everyone is capable of preventing a fall.

KBTC (Comcast channels 12 or 3, Click channel 503 or 3, Rainier Connect channel 10)

The program is also airing now online on YouTube: https://youtu.be/qBwh7zgwC_g.

The Coalition meets on the Fourth Wednesday of each month from 3:30-5pm. New members are welcome. Use the Contact link.